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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 14, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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>> new this morning, we will show you what's next into the investigation into the massive explosion and fireball in san bruno. >> new concern from regulators that what happened here in san bruno could be part of a larger fundamental problem. that and more on a live report. good morning, everyone. it's 4:30, september 14th. welcome jennifer hill to the bay area. she has a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everybody.
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it was a little cold yesterday and will be a little bit warmer today. low clouds will burn off earlier than they did yesterday. we are looking at the 8:00 a.m. forecast. 56 in livermore and 54 in fairfield. patchy fog in the forecast in the morning hours. as we get into the noon hour, 73 degrees in concord and clearing happening along the way itself. happening earlier than yesterday and temperatures will be warmer. as we head towards 4:00, temperatures near 80. cool in the evening and back into the 70s for fairfield. 75 degrees for napa and 75 for san jose. we will see some clouds towards the specific, but clearing towards san francisco and santa cruz will see 67 for a high. i know it's my first day, but talking about rain. we are looking at showers on friday. the north bay and possibly getting as far south as san
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mateo and it's for the weekend. not my fault! >> happy first day. mike? >> hardly my first day, but i won't talk about rain. we will leave it to jennifer. we are talking about construction to improve the roadway. southbound 880 through hayward on to eastbound 92 taking you off of the freeway. the earlier construction towards the san mateo toll plaza. the ramps here will be closed for the next half hour until the crews can clear from the area. more construction scheduled again through concord and into the area. we are looking at eastbound highway 4. the on ramp closed until possibly 11:00 a.m. when the construction lanes that are blocked should be picked up. this will be restricting traffic heading eastbound. the westbound commute, you see that and that's the first area where we see the slow down.
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45 minutes to an hour we see the meters change. so far smooth off the bridge. >> this morning, neighbors, friends in san bruno dealing with the pain from the massive fire in the neighborhood. pieces of the ruptured pipe loin that caused the fire are on the truck on the way to washington, d.c. some scientists can figure out what went wrong. the ntsb said a twet-foot piece of pipe launched out of the frowned has several wells in it. pg&e welded it together because it needed to curve to fit the terrain and one weld may have failed. >> one of the welds was the clean break end of the pipe where the -- you could see a very distinct clean break and we will be looking to see if that was a defect. the other end was torn and
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shredded and much less clean. >> the ntsb said their work in the crater is done. they will interview witnesses and review the stream of documents from pg&e. lots of people said they reported the smell of gas in the days before the explosion and called it in, but so far the ntsb has not been able to find proof that actually happened. investigators back at work this morning, taking a electric at pipelines in san bruno. live in san bruno with what's going on this morning. good morning, bob. >> good morning, scott. what we are hearing is that the california public utilities commission is now saying they will most likely conduct their own hearing into the explosion that happened down the street from me here on glenview drive. they want to make sure that happened here is not part of a much broader fundamental
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problem. that's one reason why they have ordered them to inspect the gas lines in california. of particular concern is a stretch south of the alameda county fairground and it is other located in fremont. pg&e ranked them as the riskiest gas lines in the bay area. now reviewing their emergency plan in case something were to happen. the fire chief is particularly frustrated when we spoke with him, saying he wish he had known this before. he is yet to give them the exact location that runs through the city. live here in san bruno, bob ri dell in the bay. >> pg&e is helping san bruno recover from the explosion. money will be given to homeowners in 15, 25, and $50,000 increments depending on
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how much damage was done to the home. >> a high profile murder trial may be moved out of the east bay. a change of venue will take place for the black muslim bakery leader and codefendant antoine mackey. they are charged with three murders including chauncy bailey. the case is so high profile, the client could not get a fair hearing. bailey was working on a story on financial problems when murdered in august of 2007. candidates for oakland mayor will be talking about their plans for green jobs and climate action in the city. the oakland climate action coalition hosting a forum at the theater at 6:30. other topics are improving air quality and lowering energy bills. iran said it will cost a half million in bail money to free hiker sarah shourd.
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the family said they don't have the money. the american government can't pay either because the payment would violate sanctions against iran. the family hoping the government will answer their plea to drop or lower a 500,000 bail for sarah. she was supposed to be released over the weekend and now officials want the bail paid before they set her free: >> the pair accused of murdering a man for $17 said they didn't do it. they entered not guilty pleas in an oakland courtroom monday. the pair robbed and killed ginning hong kang in july. kang was in town for a job interview with google. pretrial hearings will start in january. he was married and had three sons. the man accused of a hit-and-run spree and injured 18 people will not stand trial. a judge suspended the case
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against him while he under goes treatment for mental illness. he is accused of using his suv to run down the 18 people in 2006. an hour before that, he hit and killed a 54-year-old man in fremont. he spent eight months in a napa state hospital before being convicted in that murder. investigators are trying to figure out how an oakland man died in a scuba diving trip. 58-year-old andrew whit kin was found in water about 50 feet deep on sunday. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. a mixed bag for crime fighters in contra costa's three largest cities. newly released statistics show generally little change in violent crime from 2008 to 2009. the most pronounced increase was in richmond and low homicide
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total in 2008 and a 75% surge in 2009. the fbi reports 47 homicides last year. concord police said property crime dipped to 13% and antioch reported a slight increase in crime fuelled mostly by a 22% spike in aggravated assault. things like fist fighting. construction in the east bay and i imagine they are starting to clear that up. >> some of the fist fights, it appears on the report to let folks know about it. it causes a big drakz for folks. if i find those. not a problem past the coliseum, but it's picking up on the nimitz free. we see the first signs of slowing for the morning commute. south of the coliseum if hayward, the construction zone making your transition. it is clear, but east towards the city streets, highway 92 and
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the connector ramp closed from north and southbound until about 5:00 a.m. another 15 minutes or so and slowing right there on the transition and an earlier issue and this one in the south bay. they had an overturned vehicle and a sigalert for about 20 minutes. there should be no major issues. they repaved the big issues. they are now putting those reflector dots and they are now crossing their is and highway 101. we have to take care of everything in the morning. >> generally we have grammar rules on the program. >> we do? oh, no. morning. yesterday it was cool and today things will warm up a little bit. we are looking at matchy clouds as things start off. in the east bay, clearer skies and looking at mild temperatures. highs in the 60s and once you go
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inland, we are looking at the mid- to upper 70s. tomorrow getting into thursday we are going to warm things up before another front comes our way. air quality for today, things are green and good. no spare the air there. as we look at the radar, there will be rain coming our way this weekend. we do see rain up in the eastern oregon into idaho. a bigger system is up there in the pacific heading our way in time for the weekend. not my fault. i know it's my first day, but i did not bring the rain. as we look at the forecast highs and the seven-day forecast, we will get a warm up. the light rain in the northern bay and coming in on friday, but clearing out sunday. scott? >> jennifer, thank you. really fantastic breaking news for you on today in the bay. sarah shourd what we were just talking about has been release
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friday iranian custody according to nbc news. this is all we know at this point. presumably she is still in iran, but released from custody. she is one of the hikers who was crossing over the iranian border. sarah shourd released from custody. we are obviously all over this. we will have more information as soon as we get some. big news for the bottom line coming out of wall street. what you spend could send stocks stumbling. you could be looking at the future of travel. the high tech we we could be getting around if the governor gets his way. a story of a man who survived anhittacka b white shark and the warning he has for all of us.
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i was told that i was at risk for sudden cardiac death. i was 23 years old, i wasn't overweight.
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i never dreamed this would happen to me. when the doctor told me i had three blocked arteries, i felt like i was punched in the gut. i found out that one in three women die from heart disease. how did i not know that? you are looking at the bay bridge and you are expecting 75 in livermore. rain on the weekend. meanwhile, good news. the health care workers have been released from a jail in zimbabwe. the allen temple ministry members are now free. they were released after spending three nights behind bars accused of handing out aids medication to the poor without proper licenses. they were freed on $200 bail and must return to court later this month.
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east bay schools getting good news and bad news. many of them are meeting state standards in english and math, but failing when it comes to federal standards. they are looking for an academic performance of 800 that shows most students pror efficient. the federal government raises requirements by 10 percentage points. the goal is 100% student proficiency in 2014 or an api score of 1,000. you were talking about construction getting cleaned up. it's getting towards done. >> a lot of sites pick up. a way for final confirmation. i will cover myself like that and let you know about what's going on at the toll plaza as more folks are heading over there. we have a nice easy drive close to the limit. 18 minutes off the bridge, but at the toll plaza, a person with
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a flat tire. all i know is the chp will keep them safe, but they won't change the tire for you. they don't do tires. we will make sure folks with k get by. very easy volume right now. the construction through the east bay, this one i know for sure is not picked up. this is scheduled for 11:00 through aspect ok from willow pass road. that will be going on until 11:00. watch for unusual slowing, but westbound side is moving clearly through antioch. good news. >> good morning to you, jennifer. you are talking about rain on the weekend and no, we don't blame you. >> it will be a little bit warmer than yesterday. you walk out the door and it feels like fog. going to need the jacket or a sweater. 51 degrees in livermore and 53 in concord. in san mateo and 53 in fairfield. as we head into the afternoon, things will start to warm up. low clouds hugging the coast,
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but the further east you go, things are clearer. 56 is the forecast with the patchy clouds and staying towards the coast. 8:00 a.m. and as we head towards lunch hour, clearing happening towards redwood city and san francisco and mid 70s for fairfield and livermore. 72 is the new forecast for gilroy. forecast highs not making it to the 80s and upper 70s will feel warmer than it did yesterday. 75 degrees in napa. 66 in oakland. here's the seven-day forcast and like scott said, we are looking at rain coming in. the models are not in agreement, but putting rain in the forecast for the northern bay starting on friday night. >> if you are just waking up saying who is that, this is jennifer hill and she is new to the bay area. we welcome her. the nasdaq at a one-month high. only with the power of cnbc for
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what sets your bottom line. courtney reagan at world headquarters for cnbc. >> good morning. futures are lower, but that is after wall street continued their rally. markets rising on optimism that the banks won't be heard, requiring them to raise capital against future financial crisis. the asian marks were mixed. europe in the red and early trading. we will have reports on retail sales as well as a survey on optimism and best buy releases earnings about 15 minutes from now. the dow did rise which means traying begins at 10,544. the nasdaq was up 43 points to 2285. toyota is expanding their hybrid cars and trucks. two lexus and four toyota by the end of 2012. they will also sell a plug in version of the popular priinous
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2012 and a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle by 2015. speaking of cars, used car prices are skyrocketing as an effect of the recession. they have risen so much, that some stopped buying them at auction. more drivers are hanging on to their cars because they can't afford a new 1 and fewer sales means fewer late model trade ins. newer, governor schwarzenegger is in japan checking out the country's bullet train to lobby for help for california to build a high speed train of its own. the u.s. is viewed as one of the promising new rail markets in part due to an $8 billion stimulus allotted to developing and building high speed transportation. california wants to build a system like japan's between los angeles and san francisco. also new this morning, secretary of state clinton in egypt for round two of israeli-palestinian peace talks. clinton and leaders from both
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sides will continue the talks that began in washington earlier this month. she said both israelis and palestinians need to resolve a dispute over an israeli moratorium on settlement construction that threatens to derail talks. she remains optimistic about the changes. she told republicans flying with her that it's right for the two sides to make peace. now for a look at what's coming up later. laura? >> good morning, scott. we are keeping our eye on pg&e. they are going to ask that customers pay for catastrophes like the explosion. we are going to investigate that plan. could a compromise between the president and republicans mean more cash in your pocket? we will go live to capitol hill for the latest over your tax dollars. and this woman claims she is a could have of sexual harassment at the hands of an nfl team.
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we will bring you the latest and who might be suing. those stories and if a planned sickout could cause chaos. see you later in the bay. >> now to a story you will see only here. great white sharks are making their for instance known off the california coast this morning. in an nbc exclusive, a surfer who survived an attack talks to us and has a warning for all of us. >> you never know what's under foot in the ocean. >> he hunted me across the surface of the water. >> looking out over where a great white shark nearly ripped him apart in 2007, a series of mile an hour teles saved his life. after that first strike, he managed to held on to his surfboard. the protection for the next bite. >> the thing jumped out of the
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water with me in its mouth and landed and took me under water for a second and shook me. i remember being shaken and the only thing i could do because i was in his mouth, the shark was right here and it had me. the only thing i could do was hit him. >> while he punched the shark, something miraculous was happening. circling dolphins. >> there were 20 dolphins and they were distracting the shark and jumping over my head while i was treading water. >> the shark let go, but came back for a third attack. >> the shark comes back and grabs me by my right leg. >> barely in one piece, a friend helped him get back on his board and catch a wave to safety. his back was filet and leg nearly severed. it took 500 internal stitches
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and stap ols to put him back together. his attack happened in august and this is the time of year he is most careful in the water. scientists say fall is when great white sharks return to the waters. the marine science institute tagged two great white sharks last year. satellite tracking data shows the sharks spent most of the year at a spot called the shared offshore for anning area between california and hawaii where adult great whites are known to gather. now both sharks are back off the coast of the bay area. one returned in july and the other in august. the shark and many others are expected to feed here through november. this time of year, he stays closer to shore. >> mentally, it's hard for me, especially this time of year which we consider shark season. it's hard for me to sit on the outside and wait for the really, really good waves. >> surfers caught a fast moving
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shark august 30th. they are coming in from all along the coast. he said while he can't forget being attacked, he won't be scared out of the water. >> i don't want to die when i'm surfing, but if that's the way i have to go, i would much rather have it be doing whey love. >> nbc bay area news. >> we will put the sharks on line at the story is a reminder to never go into the ocean alone. you never know when you might need help. >> the ntsb finished their work in the crater and moving on to interviewing witnesses. bob is live in san bruno where they are not the only agency looking into the blast. >> good morning to you. the ntsb is not the only agency interested in making sure this explosion doesn't happen again. the california public utilities commission that regulates
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utilities like pg&e said they will conduct and that will be in addition what happens. the gas line rupture is not part of a broader fundamental problem with the gas lines. that's one reason why they ordered pg&e to inspect all the lines here in the state. of particular concern are two lines in the east bay. one is an eight-mile stretch south of the alameda county fairgrounds and the other in fremont. pg&e ranked those as the riskiest gas lines in the bay area that has fire departments in the respective locations reviewing their emergency plan and how would they handle a situation if they had a rupture. the fire chief is particularly frustrated, telling us he wished he had known this before. pge is yet to give them the exact location that runs through the city.
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live here in san bruno, this is the news in the way. >> sarah shourd apparently release friday custody in iran. we have reporters working on the story. the minute we know anything, we will tell you. >> the circle of support for the victim in the fire in san bruno. we will hear from folks coming to help deal with the loss. and commute problems could be in store today. we will let you -- you may want to leave early because of muni. we will take a look at that.
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